Community aid bin

We have partnered with Community Aid to place a clothing collection bin on site.  The bins are easily reconcilable, with the three helping hands logo.  You may drop of clean clothing any time, placed in bags.  Talk with the secretary upon entering the building.  The bin is kept in the basement during the week and pulled out on Sundays.  Donations during the week are excepted, but must be given to the secretary at First Church.  Do not drop the clothes in the church lobby.

The donated clothing is removed weekly and sold in the local Community aid stores.  

Based on the weight of the clothing in each bin, we are awarded a quarterly cash donation! 


The partnership between Anchor Lancaster and Community Aid has allowed us to continue to serve and improve the lives our guests and neighbors. 

What is accepted:  clean clothing of all kinds plus towels, curtains, shower curtains, blankets, sleeping bags, wash clothes and anything fabric.