Is Anchor Lancaster the same as "The Breakfast Club?"    

Well, not the same as the movie!  Grinning Winking Face  Many of our guests call the program "The Breakfast Club"

Where does Anchor Lancaster obtain the food served?    

The majority of food comes to us through the PA Central Food Bank. Food not available from the Food Bank is purchased in local stores.  

How many people each month are served by Anchor Lancaster?    

We feed between 150-180 people each day.  Approximately 3000 meals served each month.  

Who qualifies to eat a breakfast at Anchor Lancaster? 


Does Anchor Lancaster sell food or allow guest to take food home?

No.  All food must be eaten on site.

How can I volunteer? 

Click Here to reach Kelly Gibbel, Office Assistant

Why do I feel so safe at Anchor Lancaster?

Security is provided by our "Guest Services" team from Clydesdale LLC.  Guest Services employees are present each day to assist our guests, and ensure that everyone experiences a peaceful, secure day at Anchor.  Guest Services personnel also work very hard to develop a relationship of mutual respect with our guests.

How can I donate to Anchor Lancaster?   

  • You may send a check payable to Anchor Lancaster, 29 E. Walnut St, Lancaster PA 17602
  • You may use a debit or credit card.  click here to donate
  • You may donate appreciated securities and stock.  email us for details
  • You may leave a legacy by including Anchor Lancaster in your will, trust or life insurance.  email us for instructions