Impact on Guests and volunteers

  • I didn’t become addicted overnight and I didn’t get clean overnight.  I’m not getting it all together overnight.  But piece by piece with God’s help I’m moving forward.  Thank you for the breakfast. – Oscar


  • A guest arrived at breakfast with a jaw that was wired shut.  Although not on the menu and it created extra work, a volunteer willingly made a smooth for the gentlemen so he could receive nourishment. 

  • One of our guests shared that he works at a gas station and rents a room in the city.  On the days he works, he often walks the three miles to and from work.  His size 15 shoes were falling apart and his friend asked if I could help out with shoes.  After making a few connections not one pair of shoes but four pairs of size 15 shoes were found for our friend.   “Matthew” said no one has ever gone out of their way to help him before.  He said he is truly grateful.


  • 64 year old “Bill” was sobbing and when I sat with him, he shared that he misplaced his wallet.  His biggest concern was that his bus pass was in the wallet and he needed the bus pass to get to his job at a fast food restaurant.  Fast forward a few days, Bill’s wallet shows up at Anchorage! There was no money in the wallet but his bus pass and other cards were still intact.  One of the Anchorage volunteers placed a $20 in the wallet and I was able to return the wallet to Bill. 

  • “Miss Patty, if anyone leaves here hungry, it’s their own fault”


  • A guest was thrilled to greet me the other week and share that she has had housing since the end of February.  Her new place has three rooms, a yard, a porch and a bus stop right in front of her house!  She shared that she is always grateful to come to Breakfast Club!


  • A guest  shared that she has seven children and one of them was murdered five years ago. She struggles everyday missing her son. With tears running down her cheeks she shared that she loves coming to Anchorage and thanked me for listening and caring for her in such a loving way.  

More Impact

In 2018, we served 20,074 meals.

Any day that eggs are served, we use 30 dozen eggs that morning.

Every day we use 15 loaves of bread.

Every week we use 50 gallons of coffee.

Every day we use a jar of peanut butter.

Every year we use over 150 volunteers.  This translates to 10,000 volunteer hours.  That is equivalent of 4.8 full time employees.