Gifts That Give Hope

Sunday, December 10th     10AM-3PM

Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster

Christmas shopping at its finest!  Surprise your loved ones with unique gifts that “do good” from the Gifts that Give Hope fair!  While at the gift fair, shoppers receive a “tally sheet” of this year’s 37 nonprofit organizations with their offerings listed.  Shoppers stroll through the fair and choose who they’d like to support with gifts for loved ones on their holiday gift list; enjoy food and beverages from local eateries; and peruse fair trade goods, social enterprises, business for good, environmentally friendly & ethically sourced gifts in the marketplace.


For example, Anchor Lancaster’s gift choices are 1) providing a shower kit for 10 unsheltered people= $10; and 2) providing a hot breakfast for 10 unsheltered people = $25.  You mark your  tally sheet for your purchases, visit other booths to see who else you might like to support, go to the checkout and pay the total.  Then the staff at Gifts that Give Hope sends a gift note to the people you designate, sharing the exciting news about your gift! 


Learn more here about Gifts that Give Hope Lancaster and be a part of something special!