Many of our guests have no option for bathing if they live on the street or in limited housing.  In 2019, shower services were added to the breakfast program two days each week. The demand continued to grow and the service expanded to five days per week. 

Guests receive a shower kit containing soap, shampoo, deodorant, Q-tips, toothbrush & toothpaste, and socks.  When available, guests are given underwear, bras & t-shirts.  

Through our Amazon Wish List, donors can be part of this life enhancing outreach!  Purchasing a pack of socks or tshirts, underwear, or shower supplies will directly impact the daily life of a man or woman in our community.  Check out our Wish List here!

Access to a hot shower and clean clothing is an important part of being physically healthy and having more confidence & a good self-image.  Anchor is committed to continuing to provide this vital service for our guests!